2013 Overrated/Underrated/Breakout List (Part 3)

Note: This article also appears on Raptors Republic. Also note:  when I was writing this article, I had forgotten about Kawhi Leonard and Eric Bledsoe (Yes, I know. How on earth could I have forgotten about them? Especially since I’m also a Spurs fan.). I will eventually add them to the 5 breakout players, but I […]


Note: This article also appears on Raptors Republic Update (July 7): Detroit removed from list due to Josh Smith signing, Sacramento moves down, Milwaukee, Cleveland sign free agents. And just to stir the pot a little, here’s a recent Hoopshype article that some might find interesting regarding how most stars ended up on their team. Update (July […]

2013 NBA Draft Report Card

THE DAVID STERN MEMORIAL EDITION Quote of the night: “We’ve had to explain to our international audience that the booing is an American sign of respect.” That probably got Stern’s only positive response all night, except for his last ever pick. On a side note, I started watching the NBA a year after Stern took […]

2013 Overrated/Underrated/Breakout List (Part 1)

This article also appeared on Raptors Republic. While many Raptor fans are, not surprisingly, focused more on what’s going on with management, I thought I’d turn the focus back to the guys who make their money on the court. Bill Simmons has his annual NBA Trade Value List, and Forbes has their overpaid list, so […]

Should Colangelo Swear Off The Boozer?

So with Pau Gasol now injured and out for at least six weeks, pretty much destroying Bryan Colangelo’s interest in him (for him win now means win NOW), Mark Stein is reporting that the Raptors and Bulls are discussing a swap of Andrea Bargnani and Carlos Boozer, basically exchanging two players no one wants. Every Raptor […]

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