2013 NBA Draft Report Card

THE DAVID STERN MEMORIAL EDITION Quote of the night: “We’ve had to explain to our international audience that the booing is an American sign of respect.” That probably got Stern’s only positive response all night, except for his last ever pick. On a side note, I started watching the NBA a year after Stern took […]

2013 Overrated/Underrated/Breakout List (Part 2)

Note: This article also appears on Raptors Republic. So after discussing who I thought was overrated in the NBA, up next is my underrated list. Like the overrated list, there are a lot of people I left off.  Here are some of them: Stephen Curry: When Curry didn’t make the All Star team, the consensus […]

Lessons Learned from the Playoffs (Round 2)

And now it’s down to four. Well, one thing’s for sure. These playoffs have highlighted the difference between the East and the West. While every series in the West has been fun and exciting, the East has been like the final season of The Office. Entertaining once in a while, frequently painful to watch, and […]

Lessons From The Playoffs (So Far)

Note: This column was written before any of the second round games had been played and also appears on Raptors Republic.com One round down and three more to go. I absolutely love the playoffs. All my best NBA memories come from the playoffs. There’s nothing else in basketball like it. Purists bemoan the lack of team game […]

Is The Big Man Era Over In The NBA?

“You can’t teach height.” It was the late Frank Layden, former Hall of Fame coach and general manager for the Utah Jazz, that made famous the quote that’s really hard to argue with. It’s why, if you are 7 feet tall, you are actually more likely to end up in the NBA than any other […]

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