Tanking: What Is It Good For?

Note: This article also appears on Raptors Republic Warning: This is another one of my epic columns, but try and stick with it because it gets into some never discussed territory (that I know of), and talks specifically about the Raptors’ situation. With the 2014 draft looking like it might get even better, and with many […]

2013 NBA Draft Report Card

THE DAVID STERN MEMORIAL EDITION Quote of the night: “We’ve had to explain to our international audience that the booing is an American sign of respect.” That probably got Stern’s only positive response all night, except for his last ever pick. On a side note, I started watching the NBA a year after Stern took […]

2013 Draft Preview and Raptor Trade Proposals!

Note: This was posted previously on Raptors Republic. With the NBA Draft coming up tonight, I’d normally write my Final Pre-Draft Thoughts column, regarding the Raptors, like I did last year and the year before. This year, the Raptors are without a draft pick (at least for the moment), so I thought I would do […]

HOW the Raptors Should Do It

In what is now the third of a three part series, I will detail in this column how what the Raptors should do after they tank. If you haven’t done so already, you should reads parts one and two. Note: There seems to be a lot of readers who are under the impression that the […]

What the Raptors SHOULD Do

This article appears on RaptorsRepublic. In my last article, I put forth the argument that the current path the Raptors are on was not one destined for anything but mediocrity and disappointment (so basically, the Raptors’ status quo). Keeping Colangelo and the current roster is simply not a good option for anyone with Championship hopes for […]

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