Should Colangelo Swear Off The Boozer?

So with Pau Gasol now injured and out for at least six weeks, pretty much destroying Bryan Colangelo’s interest in him (for him win now means win NOW), Mark Stein is reporting that the Raptors and Bulls are discussing a swap of Andrea Bargnani and Carlos Boozer, basically exchanging two players no one wants. Every Raptor [...]

Is The Big Man Era Over In The NBA?

“You can’t teach height.” It was the late Frank Layden, former Hall of Fame coach and general manager for the Utah Jazz, that made famous the quote that’s really hard to argue with. It’s why, if you are 7 feet tall, you are actually more likely to end up in the NBA than any other [...]

Is Pau Next?

It was apparent way back at the beginning of the offseason that the future was now, for the Raptors. Trading a guaranteed lottery pick for a talented PG who couldn’t stick with two different teams was the first signal that Bryan Colangelo was making a run for the playoffs this season. When the team struggled [...]

The Last Word on the Rudy Gay Trade

I’ve never written so much about one trade before. Of course, most of this post isn’t going to be my own words, but the words of others. If you disagree with me about the Rudy Gay trade, that’s obviously up to you. But I have found it interesting there seems to be an overwhelming number [...]

Looking Deeper Into the Rudy Gay Trade

In my comments section of my initial post about the Rudy Gay deal, I wondered where the Raptor analytics consultant, Alex Rucker, was during this trade. I wondered because I really can’t see him endorsing this deal. Kinnon Yee, over at RaptorsHQ wrote a good article comparing the advanced stats of the players involved in the [...]

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