Stating the Obvious

Too often do sports fans pretend they know more than the coaches and general managers of the teams they follow. They pretend that they know more than guys who have been in and around the game for a lifetime and forgotten more about the sport than the average fan will ever know. In truth, there’s [...]

Trade Proposal Tuesday (Edition #1)

I’ve decided to start a new tradition here, at the Picket Fence. Not every Tuesday, but once in a while, I’m going to propose a trade that I would like to see happen. For the very first edition, I’m going to propose a trade the Oklahoma Thunder should have done instead of trading James Harden, [...]

Financial Meltdown!!!

So after watching the Toronto Raptors lose a heartbreaker on opening night against the Indiana Pacers (I DVRed it, as usual, so I can skip the commercials), I went to the internet to find the big story was not necessarily the game, but the extension that DeMar DeRozan had just signed. Four years and $38 [...]

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