Terrence Ross Is Like Becoming A Teacher

With a day to reflect on the draft, I thought I would clarify some of my thoughts on the Raptors selection of Terrence Ross. And in line with last year’s defense of the selection of Jonas Valanciunas, I went with a rather unique comparison. Now as I said in my Draft Report Card, I like [...]

2012 NBA Draft Report Card!

He needed to hit a home run to prevent the Raptors from getting on the mediocrity treadmill, and he didn’t even try. In basketball terms, Colangelo needed to hit a three to tie with just seconds left and, instead, he passed up an open three and drove to the hoop for a layup. He got two points, but he lost the game.

Final Pre-Draft Thoughts

Just to clarify my reasoning behind why I think the Raptors need to “hit a home run” in this draft. I wouldn’t be so adamant about it if I didn’t think this wasn’t the last chance the Raptors would have at a top ten pick for a while. Bryan Colangelo seems to be intent on [...]

NBA Draft Player Rankings

With the NBA Draft tonight, I wanted to talk about some of the prospects from a Raptor perspective.  I’ve separated my list into three. The first is if the Raptors are actually able to move up into the top 5. The second is if they stay at 8, and the third is guys who they [...]

The New Deal!

My recent post, Let’s Make A Deal, has been updated in light of some recent trades and rumours. Thursday is going to be interesting, to say the least.

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