That’s a Wrap!

After the game started out 17-2 for the Raptors, and the Nets couldn’t even get a shot up in the first two minutes, the writing was on the wall. The Raptors tried to tank, holding both DeMar DeRozan and Aaron Gray out of the game. Both teams started 2 former D-Leaguers, and you could seriously [...]

Suggestion: Raptors Fan Night against the Nets

I don’t mean their regular fan night. What I’m talking about is taking tanking to a whole new level. Actually let a fan play in the game. Hold a contest and have the winner start against the New Jersey Nets on Thursday. Hell, have a team comprised completely of Raptor fans and pretty much guarantee [...]

Two Steps Forward…

Those of you who are on the tanking train, the loss against Philadelphia was definitely a positive outcome, even if watching them get rocked by 18 points was not. They’re currently sitting in 5th place (although tied with Cleveland) which is right in the sweet spot, in my opinion.  In the last 20 years, the [...]

On Pace To Lose

With all the discussions about tanking recently, it’s fitting that the Raptors met, and lost to, the Indiana Pacers Monday night. Since “the brawl” and Indiana’s plunge from being one of the better teams in the league, the Pacers have picked 17, 17, 11, 13, 10 and 15.  No pick higher than 10, and none [...]

Too Close For Comfort

Here are my few random thoughts on a Raptors-Cleveland game that was far too close for comfort… – It’s much more difficult to watch the Raptors (almost) win when you want them to lose, than to watch them lose when you want them to win. Why? Because most regular season losses can be usually made [...]

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