5 Stupid Reasons NOT To Trade Bargnani

Yes, Bargnani is a unique player. He’s a 7 footer who can score from outside and stretch the defenses, as well as drive to the basket. There are very few players with his skillset. This is something I will agree with.

Unfortunately many people seem to have confused the word “unique” with “irreplaceable”.

A Win That’s Not A Win (and other Raptor thoughts)

So after watching the Raptors beat a Nuggets team that looked nothing like the playoff team they apparently are (more on that later), I had a few thoughts. — At this point of a season with only 17 wins and only 15 games to go, is anyone outside of the Raptor players happy about a [...]

A Draft of Diminishing Returns

At this point last year, fans of bad teams (like the Raptors) were already looking forward to the 2012 draft. Many felt it was shaping up to be one of the best drafts in the last decade, talented and deep, with as many as half a dozen possible franchise players coming out. Fast forward a [...]

Things That Make Little Sense

**Update** So now the Raptors have traded Leandro Barbosa to the Pacers for a 2nd round pick. Some fans may be disappointed they didn’t get more, but you have to realize that no one is going to give much up for what amounts to a 2 month rental on a player they could have signed [...]

I Prefer the Term Trade “Lifeline”

For NBA General Managers, the NBA trade deadline is a lot like closing time at a bar. It’s getting to the end of the night and there’s not much time to decide whether it’s time to call it quits and rest up for next time, or whether they’re going to try and hook up with [...]

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