While the players still have to vote on and ratify the deal, it appears well finally have an NBA season. Hopefully. After all the posturing and hard line stances on both sides, the details that are emerging for the deal arent radically different from the previous deal. All those great ideas people had about “fixing” [...]

Why The Players Need To STFU

As I wrote in my last post, any fan who doesn’t live in places like Los Angeles or Miami is not likely to side with the players very much because if the players got their way it would be much harder for smaller market teams to compete. This doesn’t seem to occur to many of [...]

Why Aren’t Fans In The Room?

Okay, it’s been quite a while since I last posted. Quite a while. And if the lockout doesn’t end soon, chances are it will be a while until the next post, so prepare yourself. Hopefully I’ll still have readers. So, obviously I’ve been silent on this whole lockout thing. Even before the lockout, while I [...]

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