Trades, Trades and More Trades!

It says something about me that my three favourite times of the year, in the NBA, are the Playoffs, the Draft and just before the trade deadline. It’s like Christmas three times a year, but my bank account doesn’t get drained by it. Like my offseason grades, I’m going to look at each team and [...]

What The Hell Is Bill Simmons Smoking?

Bill Simmons recently wrote a column, in which he listed the top 25 overpaid players in the NBA. On that list were two Raptors: Jose Calderon (17) and Amir Johnson (20). My question to Bill is, “have you watched the Raptors AT ALL this year?” Now, I don’t deny that Jose is overpaid. He’s making [...]

Carmelo, The Fallout and Why I Hate The All-Star Game

It’s finally done. Excuse me while I yawn. This whole saga has been more than a little distasteful to watch. I mean, couldn’t this whole thing have been consummated months ago and saved everyone the constant distractions? You have to be especially sympathetic for Denver fans who have had to basically wait through a lost [...]

My All-Stars And Other Stories…

Just a quick post with the All-Star reserves being announced later today. The Rookies and Sophomores were announced and while DeMar DeRozan was selected, Ed Davis was not. ¬†Was Davis deserving? Sure, but ¬†wouldn’t call it a snub. Favors, who got in over Davis, has similar numbers and with the Nets not having anyone with [...]

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