5 More Andrea Bargnani Myths

Before the season started, I posted a rather controversial and popular post about the Top Ten Myths About Andrea Bargnani. It was the most viewed post ever and still gets a lot of views. Not all that much time later, I promised that I would leave Bargnani alone for a while, that I’ve pretty much [...]

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Rebuilding

For Christmas, my wife got me Bill Simmons’ Book of Basketball, which is a fascinating read I would highly recommend, despite the fact (or possibly because of the fact) that it’s over 700 pages. Honestly, I haven’t finished it and the first two chapters are far better than anything that has followed (so far), but [...]

It’s All Uphill From Here (Mid-Season Grades)

I’m actually a game late on the halfway point, but since this is my first post in 2011, and we’re more than halfway through January, I’ll give myself a little slack. Before I commence with the grades, let me say a quick note about the “trade” that went down. At first when word went down [...]

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