Top 5 Trades That Need To Happen in 2011

With 2010 pretty much done, apparently it’s customary to do some sort of top 10 list. So I can keep my blogger’s license, here’s mine. I’ve decided to come up with 5 deals that I think should happen, for various reasons. I was going to do ten, but couldn’t think of that many. All these deals do work, but [...]

Winning The Right Way

Some fans love high scoring games with lots of fast breaks and tons of threes. Me? The Raptors win against Dallas, last night, is the type of game I love: a scrappy, defensive battle where an inferior team wins because they played harder and played better. A lot of Raptor fans were certainly not expecting [...]

Raptor Roundup and Orlando’s Magic

The Raptors go up against the Lakers today, and the best news for Raptor fans is that Kobe sprained another finger and is not even close to 100%. Unfortunately, he’s still Kobe and the Lakers are still the Lakers, so I wouldn’t expect any big miracles. The Lakers went through a bit of a slump, [...]

Raptors vs Nets Preview

I was going to try and post my thoughts on the Raptors rebuilding year, but that will have to wait. For now, I wanted to say a few words about the game tonight against the Nets. So despite assuming it was going to be a major player on the free agent market last season and [...]

Things We Learned Against The Bulls

Coming into Toronto, the Chicago Bulls had won 6 in a row, including the last 2 games by an average of 25 points, they have the third best record in the East, and have one of the best defenses in the league, anchored by one of the league’s premier defensive big man. They are also [...]

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