Ed Davis…Come On, er, Up

When Patrick O’Bryant, the former Raptor and 9th pick in the 2006 draft for the Golden State Warriors, had his first stint in the NDBL, Don Nelson had this to say about the result: “I told him if he goes down to the D-League and isn’t a dominant player, there should be red flags all [...]

It’s A Mad, Mad World

And right on cue, Raptor fans are starting to think about the playoffs. Keep in mind, this is the same Raptor fanbase that wanted to dismantle the team after losing to Charlotte at home just two weeks ago. Neck braces are required with the amount of whiplash Raptor fans give.

Toronto-New Orleans 5 Player Deal- Analysis

So not two days after I discussed the Raptors PG dilemma, it appears that dilemma has been solved. The winner of the PG showdown is Jose Calderon. That is if you think becoming the undisputed starting PG on one of the worst teams in the league is winning and being traded to one of the [...]

The Raptors Point Guard Dilemma

So the Raptors get a win against Philadelphia¬†and, this time, Jose Calderon becomes the PG of the hour for the Raptors, making up for the poor game he had in the loss against Washington. This time it was Jack who had the horrible game, in fact in the last 3 games he’s had 2 bad [...]

The Sunshine State Edition

Back to back games in Florida this season not only means playing against two of the top teams in the East over the course of two nights but, for the Raptors, also means going against the Raptors the two best players in the history of the franchise, and, not coincidentally, two of the most despised [...]

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