Chris Who?

You’ve got to savour games like this one. Sure, the Cavs are a probable lottery team and were missing, arguably, two of their top three players, but the Raptors played with an intensity and purpose that we didn’t see much of last year. If they continue to play like they did against the Cavs, this [...]

At Least You’re Not Andy Rautins

Okay, maybe sitting on the bench of an NBA team getting paid lots of money isn’t such a bad thing, but imagine if all your family came to watch you in your first NBA game and all you could do is wave to them from the bench? As for the game, despite losing 98-93 to [...]

Raptors vs Knicks Preview

Just a quick pregame post. During the summer, I actually thought the Knicks might be a half decent team this year. By half decent, I mean a team that MIGHT end up sneaking into the 8th playoff spot in the East. After watching them during the preseason (against the Raptors as well as the Wizards [...]

What To Expect When You’re Expecting (the worst)

Tonight we can finally forget all the predictions, all the conjecture and all the talk. Until then, here are more predictions, conjecture and talk… So I was trying to figure out an interesting format I could use to discuss the upcoming season. I came up with the idea to combine my predictions and season preview. [...]

No Offense to the Offense

In the last post, I discussed the state of the Raptors defense. Basically, I think the defense will be improved, especially with the new system they seem to have implemented, but there are still some fundamental problems that will prevent them from being a good defensive team. Mediocre seems to be the ceiling with this [...]

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