Grading the Offseason- The “Adequate” Teams

Sorry about the delay in continuing this series. Sometimes life gets in the way of things and I just found myself too busy. So without further delay, here is the next chapter. The “Adequate” teams. Here’s the rundown so far… Needs Improvement: Cleveland Atlanta Denver Golden State Charlotte Approaching Expectations: Houston Utah Memphis Detroit Orlando [...]

Grading the Offseason- The “Unmotivated” Teams

I’ve already discussed Toronto and those teams that didn’t fair well this summer. Here are the teams and their grades so far… Needs Improvement (or possibly a brain transplant): Cleveland Atlanta Denver Golden State Charlotte In this post, I’ll grade the teams that didn’t exactly take a step back, but should have done better. HOUSTON: [...]

Grading The Offseason – The “Special” Teams

In the last post, I gave Toronto a `Meets Expectations’ grade. So how does the rest of the league compare? CLEVELAND: Your Kid’s Just Stupid – Fired Danny Ferry and hired someone else Okay, I have no idea who the guy is that replaced Danny Ferry, but Ferry had arguably the best player in the [...]

Grading the Offseason- Toronto

While there may be a few moves ahead for some of the teams, including the Raptors, training camp starts in one week, so I thought I would take a look back and see how each team did since the season ended. I’ve purposely avoided grading any of the deals because it’s sometimes difficult to grade [...]

Welcome to the New Picket Fence!

Wow! Talk about getting your hit count up. People weren’t kidding about writing a Bargnani post to get more traffic. The `Top 10 Myths About Andrea Bargnani’ is the most read post I’ve ever had, AND has the most comments of any post I’ve had ever. And training camp is still a week away. Thanks [...]

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