The “R” Word

Is it safe to write this, yet? The Turkoglu trade is finally official, so I’m guessing it is. I had written another version earlier this week I had to scrap after Michael Jordan got cold feet and decided not to take Calderon, or more precisely, not to give up Tyson Chandler (in this trade, anyway). [...]

Cleaning Up After The Fall Out

So Bosh is in Miami, LeBron is in New York, Miami or Cleveland, Amare is in New York, Boozer is in Chicago and Joe Johnson and Wade stayed with their teams. I haven’t seen so many big names switch teams since Tom Cruise’s annual Mardi Gras party. All that’s left to do now is clean [...]

Bosh Is Gone, But Will They Getting Anything Back?

Okay, it is now official.  Bosh is going to Miami, probably the last place fans wanted him to go because of the lack of assets they could get back. Reality has a way of coming crashing through the window wrapped up in a Hummer being driven by a liquored up 85 year old grandmother with [...]

A Rundown, What Not To Do…And My Best Case Scenario

As I figured, none of the big three free agents made any decisions on the first day. There goes the theory that everything was planned weeks ago. Of course, there was some action the first day. The best news for the Raptors is that Amir Johnson re-signed. More on that later. Joe Johnson was one [...]

Should Colangelo Play Hardball?

Bloggers note: I know I promised a Draft Report Card, and I had started writing it, but got too busy. I still may finish it, but I don’t get paid to do this, so who knows. So hunting season has started and the bullets are flying left, right and centre. For Raptor fans, the good [...]

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