The Highest Rate of Return (Part 1)

Now, when I started this list, I hadn’t read any others out there, but now everyone seems to be writing these, so it’s not nearly as original as I was hoping. A while ago, I tried to predict which team Chris Bosh would, and should, choose this summer. Recently, it came to light that Chris [...]

Odds and Ends….

I am working on a couple of bigger posts, but there are a few things I wanted to quickly comment on. IS TRIANO DELUSIONAL? Now, this article is a little old, and I’ve read part of it elsewhere, but one part caught my attention. The article, on, discusses Bargnani and his inability to rebound. [...]

You Mean I Didn’t Win $40 Million??

You know when you’ve bought a lottery ticket and you read the winning numbers? You know that feeling when you compare your numbers and realize that, despite the fact that there was no chance in hell you were going to win, you’re still disappointed because part of you truly believed that, finally- FINALLY- you’d win. [...]

Sucks To Be You!

After watching LeBron James walk off the floor after a humiliating loss to the Celtics and an early ouster from the playoffs, it occurred to me that possibly the top four free agents couldn’t have finished the season on a worse note. And, most likely, each of their teams is going to end up paying [...]

Expiration Date

As the summer nears, fans start concocting all sorts of trade proposals to better their club. And a lot of those trade proposals involve expiring contracts. Fans love to overvalue expiring contracts, because it allows them to justify lopsided trade proposals- Sure, San Antonio would trade Tony Parker, because they’d be getting expiring contracts back!! [...]

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