Looking Into The Mind Of Chris Bosh

As I detailed in my last post, I think there’s still a chance Bosh will re-sign with Toronto. If he does decide to go, nearly a third of the league will be under the salary cap this summer. That’s astounding. I don’t think that’s ever happened before. Of course, just because you’re under the cap, [...]

A Look Back

Well, it’s over. Sorry for not writing anything before this, but I’ve been busy with more important things. If I don’t sound heartbroken over the way the season ended, it’s because there are far more important things than basketball. Don’t get me wrong, I love it or I wouldn’t be doing this, but in the [...]

Well, That Can’t Be Good

So the Bulls, who had lost to the Nets just a few days before, beat the full-strength Celtics in a game they needed to win. ┬áSo it all comes down to Wednesday night. If the Raptors lose against the Knicks, they’re out, plain and simple. If The Raptors win, and the Bulls lose against Charlotte, [...]

One Last Gasp (and some rambling)

Well, after a thoroughly embarrassing loss against Chicago, the Raptors almost redeem themselves by soundly beating Detroit, a team that has only won 26 games this year. If they can beat New York , a team that has only won 29 games, then Chicago will need to beat both Boston and Charlotte to beat Toronto [...]

The Case Against Bargnani

Blogger’s Note: Is anyone else pissed that LeBron played against the Raptors, but took the night off against Chicago, which resulted in a Bulls win? How exactly is that fair? If the Bulls end up getting one more win than the Raptors, and make the playoffs, the Cavs should be fined heavily. Actually, they should [...]

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