An Open Letter To Raptor Fans

Just a short post this time. For once. Dear Raptor Fans, Get some fucking medication! It’s not the end of the world! Sincerely, Me Yes, the Raptors lost a game they should have won. In fact, I, as well as I can only assume most others, thought that the Raptors had the game wrapped up. [...]

Mid-Season Report

I know it’s not technically mid-season, but now seemed as good a time as any to take a look at how the Raptors are doing so far. Grades are obviously fairly subjective, and sometimes better grade does not necessarily mean a better player, and visa-versa. It’s a combination of performance and expectations. TEAM: B This [...]

The Trading Post

When I worked at EA Sports a number of years ago, I was involved heavily in `Franchise Mode’. It was a natural fit for me and I loved it. Though gameplay was fun, it was managing the roster that I found the most fun. Making trades, drafting etc. What the game never achieved, however, was [...]

Big Scores, Big Crowds and Big Trades

Everything really is bigger in Texas, isn’t it? The pregame introductions was a celebration of over-the-topness that made Disneyland and Las Vegas seem subtle by comparison. Well, the two minutes that I saw was like that, anyway. When I realized it was going to go on forever, I turned the channel. I also turned away [...]

How’s That Crystal Ball? (All-Star Version)

Before we get to the predictions, I have to say a few words about the win against Philadelphia. It’s funny how, when they were up by 20+, I really didn’t see how they would let the Sixers back in the game the way they were playing, but of course they did. It’s what makes them [...]

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