Yet Another Comeback

I think the Raptors just like to play with their fans a little. Four wins in a row. Every single one of then they were behind by double digits in the first quarter. if nothing else, it’s certainly entertaining. It also begs the question, is it time for Jose to start again? I know, I [...]

Clutch Play, All-Stars, Dogfights and Snubs

I’m not sure which of the recent wins was more satisfying. Turkoglu coming up big with two free throws to win it against the best team in the league (causing them to drop below Cleveland in the standings) was nice. But as well as the Raptors played, the Lakers missed several chances to take the [...]

Bucking The Trend

Just when it looked like the Raptors had taken a couple of steps back the last week or two, they come from behind to win a thriller in a revenge game against the Bucks. With the Raptors having lost four of their last six games, the Bucks took a 9 point lead over the Raptors [...]

Big Wins, Dumb Players & Some Perspective

Isn’t it great being a Raptor fan right now? One of the best teams in the NBA, and one of the best road teams, come into the ACC and the Raptors trounce them. After a first quarter where they struggled and it looked like it might be a long night for Toronto, they took charge [...]

Slow News Day #2

From around the web… Rambis Doesn’t Regret Taking Job In Minnesota I love these types of headlines from This is news, apparently. What would really be news is if Rambis said he regretted taking the job, thinks he made a bad choice, hates his players and wishes he was back on the bench with [...]

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