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Posted on November 3, 2009 | 1 Comment

Iverson Looking For A Spot To ShootNo, the Raptors have not played well their last two games (keep in mind, it’s two games), but Raptor fans can take solace in the fact that, at least, they’re not Memphis Grizzlie Fans. A few of weeks ago, I wrote a post about Iverson landing in Memphis, and why. Some thought that, perhaps, he was humbled by the lack of choices and love for Iverson. Maybe, at 34, he’ll be forced to mature, and many of the quotes coming out of Memphis prior to the season starting seemed to point to this. Iverson seemed to realize that he wasn’t going to start and was there to provide leadership (??).

Well, Iverson finally played a game for Memphis last night and, what do you know, he opened his mouth and showed everyone why he’s in Memphis and not on a contender.

“I’m not a bench player. I’m not a sixth man,” Iverson said. “Look at my resume and that’ll show I’m not a sixth man. I don’t think it has anything to do with me being selfish. It’s just who I am. I don’t want to change what gave me all the success that I’ve had since I’ve been in this league. I’m not a sixth man. And that’s that.”

Memphis Commercial Appeal

One game. That didn’t take long, did it?


15 Minutes of Fame has endedAccording to ESPN, Drew Gooden has been accused by a fan of calling him a `faggot’ after some “good-natured heckling” throughout the game.

Now, I will admit that I know absolutely nothing of the facts, but I question two things. One, is what exactly the heckling was. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Gooden’s been heckled before. He’s been a professional athlete for seven years, and it comes with the territory. Most players either ignore it, or play along. In order to get a reaction, the heckling needs to stand out, either by being incredibly original (and funny), or incredibly insulting.

And the fan did not make the accusation to the Clippers, who were hosting the game, but to a website that focuses on gay issues in sports. Why would the fan not complain to team officials at the time?

One last thing. The fan is an actor (I know, in L.A.  Shocking, isn’t it?). Now, I’m not disparaging actors, nor trying to stereotype, but why does this fact not surprise me?

Now, if I was in this fan’s position and this happened to me, I would do one of two things. Forget it and chalk it up to the fact that professional athletes can be dicks, or go to a team official and complain. What I would not do is make the issue public, and shine the spotlight on me. Of course, I wouldn’t make a fool out of myself on a reality show just to be famous for 15 minutes, either. Maybe I’m weird that way.

Oh, neither the fan, or his friend, are gay.

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