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The SwamiI thought I would make ten predictions for the season. They will be predictions for both the Raptors and the rest of the league. I’ll post one each day until the end of the exhibition season, and then I’ll give my thoughts on what we saw from the Raptors in the exhibition games.

The reason I’m am not posting my thoughts after each game is because I think fans tend to read too much into each exhibition game. They mean very little, especially to veteran starters. I don’t care in the least that Calderon isn’t playing well yet, or that Bosh is not in regular season form, or that their three point shooting is underwhelming. It’s the preseason. I’ll start worrying when the regular season starts and things haven’t changed.

Keep in mind, if these predictions are way off, I may just delete this post so no record will remain.



Yes, I’ve started out with a bold prediction. First of all, Bosh has never entered a season with so much pressure on him, not only individually, but as a team. Three years ago, when Colangelo took over and remade the roster, no one really expected the Raptors to make a huge impact. The new players were nice, but only T.J. Ford was a proven commodity. It’s different this year.

Hawks DanceWith two of the biggest free agent signings in Raptor history, a number of trades that have transformed the team and a top ten lottery pick who is often compared to the Raptors most storied player, Raptor fans have huge expectations. There will be a large number of fans who will be disappointed if the Raptors don’t reach the second round of the playoffs. Personally, I think this is a little ridiculous. Who cares how far they go this year? What they need more than some singular goal that is dependant only partly on the team itself, is for the team to show growth and potential, and reach the very achievable  goal of making the playoffs and being competitive there, but not necessarily making it to the second round. With Cleveland, Orlando and Boston pretty much locking up the top three spots, and an Atlanta team that has shown growth every year and should be even better this season, expecting a completely remade roster to suddenly supplant more seasoned teams is expecting too much. First make the playoffs, then build off that experience, just as Orlando, Cleveland and Atlanta have.

Run, Bosh, Run.As for Bosh, he’s going to become a free agent for the first time next summer, so his play will be scrutinized by every other team. He’s come into the season bigger and stronger after a summer workout designed to build up his body. Last November showed what Bosh is capable of doing, when he was in the top three in scoring and rebounding. I don’t think he’ll finish this season that high, not with LeBron, Wade, Durant and Kobe in the league, but I think an increase in scoring shouldn’t be surprising. All indications are that Bosh will shoot more inside which most likely means a climb in his shooting percentage.  Just a increase by a couple of percent would bring him near the 24 ppg mark. None of the new additions should take shots away from Bosh since the only one with any real scoring mentality is Belinelli, and he should be playing mostly with the second unit. Plus, with the team running more, there will be more points to be had for everyone. Bosh very much wants to be looked at on the same level as LeBron, Kobe and Wade, and he knows that in order to do so, he must produce like them. This is his chance.

Does Bosh Need A Hand From Wade?As for next summer, if I’m right about the first two parts of this prediction, I’m confident the last part will come true, as well. Bosh likes Toronto, and if they have a successful season and show growth potential, I don’t see Bosh turning down more money to go play somewhere else. Playing with Wade or LeBron might be attractive, but does Bosh want to be looked at as a second banana, or does he want to try and lead a team to the promised land? I know many Raptor fans feel he would be best in a Pau Gasol-type role, but is that what Bosh wants? Or does he want to prove he can be the guy who can lead the team? From what I’ve seen of Bosh, he’ll want to prove himself, and that means leading his own team. Of the other teams that could vie for Bosh, really only Chicago is viable, in my opinion. The rest simply don’t have enough talent, and I don’t see Bosh wanting to wait to rebuild, again. And all things being equal, is Chicago’s talent really that much better than Toronto’s? especially when you consider that the Raptors will have a deeper team than Chicago. If the Raptors finish with a better record than the Bulls, would Bosh really want to change teams? I don’t think so.

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  • bob

    Tim W. do you have any good examples of a player getting better in his contract year?

  • FAQ

    HAHAHAHAAA … I think you just pranged yer crotch on a picket fence … jumping to ludicrous conclusions …!!!!

  • Tim W.

    Actually, they’re predictions, but thanks for playing.

  • G Reid

    written very well. Like your bold PREDICTIONS! If they were negative CONCLUSIONS, I would not be interested in reading.

  • J

    Oh no. If FAQ starts commenting here regularly, I’m afraid I’ll have to stop visiting this page. =/

  • Tim W.

    G Reid,

    I don’t know why, but your comment was rerouted to my spam folder, so that’s why it wasn’t posted sooner.

    Thanks for your comment, and for reading the blog.

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