And Reality Comes Crashing In

Yes, in a game they should win, after winning a game they shouldn’t, they play badly and lose. Welcome to Raptors basketball, at least for the first month or two. I’m sure expectations were high after winning against Cleveland, but I hope no one thought what we saw there was going to be the norm, [...]

What’s Next For The Raptors

With a game against Memphis coming up, I wanted to look back at the game against Cleveland and try and see what was in store for the Raptors tonight and beyond. Obviously the Raptors did some things right against Cleveland, and there are things we can expect to see more of. With Bosh, Bargnani and [...]

Raptors Are Undefeated!

Well, it’s just one game, but what a game it was. This was probably one of the games I was most interested in seeing because I was anxious to see how the Raptors unique front line would be defended. I figured if Bargnani and Bosh shot well, they’d have a good chance. Bosh didn’t shoot [...]

5 Predictions for the Rest of the League

[Blogger's Note: I started writing this post yesterday before the first games, but was interrupted] Since the season starts today, and I haven’t even come close to making good on my announcement to post a prediction a day, I thought I would get them all done in one fell swoop. PREDICTION #1 CLEVELAND WILL REGRET [...]

What Makes A Great Scorer?

[I was having a discussion with someone over at the Raptors Republic about Bargnani’s developmental ceiling, when I brought up the same argument I have dozens of times. Instead of going back over the same stats that I always do, I realized I should put it in a post, which I can point people to, [...]

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